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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Men’s Skin Care – Cause Of Dry Skin

Cause of Dry Skin

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The Cause Of Men’s Dry Skin

It is important to have a basic understanding of what are the causes of men’s dry skin. Having dry skin is not as simple as it being a lack of moisture. Studies have shown that there is not much difference to the water content in men’s dry skin to that of a men’s normal or oily skin. Increasing more moisture to the skin is not necessarily a good thing. On the contrary, it is bad for skin because it upsets the skin's intracellular matrix by breaking down the substances that keep skin cells working normally and in good shape.

Dry skin takes place when the intracellular matrix, the substances between skin cells that keep them intact, smooth, and healthy, has become depleted or damaged, creating water loss. The main objective to avoid having dry skin is to preserve and enhance, and to lessen the damage to the intracellular matrix.

To reduce damage to the skin's matrix, avoid using drying skin care products, like soaps, harsh cleansers or products with irritating ingredients. These products can disrupt the outer layer of the skin, damaging the intracellular matrix and in the ling run, causing flakiness and roughness.

Continuous exposure to dry and parched environments, cold weather and dry, low humidity air blasting from heaters or air conditioners can also create havoc to men’s dry skin because they destroy the skin's matrix. You may like to consider having a humidifier to your home and it absolutely can make a world of difference!

Sun damage plays a big responsibility in creating dry skin at any time of the year. Unprotected sun exposure generates a damaged outer layer of skin where skin cells stick poorly to each other. The consequence is that the surface of the new skin being created is continually unhealthy and impaired. Sun damage also disrupts and destroys the skin's intracellular matrix. The skin is subject to constant sun damage every day of the year whenever there is daylight. The sun's damaging rays can come through office and car windows. Having diligent daily sun protection is the key to healthy skin.

Rejuvenate the skin by improving cell turnover is another important consideration in getting rid of dry skin and improving its appearance. Dry skin does not shed as easily as oily skin and those built-up layers of dead skin cells can feel rough and cause skin to look flaky and dull. A well-formulated, pH-correct exfoliant, like AHA or BHA can take care of this beautifully.

Genetically, aged skin is also a cause of dryness because as the body's levels of estrogen drop, the skin becomes thinner and the fat deposits under the skin, which is part of the skin's protective barrier, also become thinner or depleted altogether.

Drinking eight glasses of water daily is great for your body but it doesn't work to improve or reduce dry skin. If drinking more water can eliminate dry skin, then every men would not be bothered by dry skin and moisturizers would stop being sold. The causes of and treatments for dry skin are far more complicated than just drinking water.

Next update: Treatment for Men’s Dry Skin…

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