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Friday, November 17, 2006

Men’s Skin Care – How To Cure Acne Absolutely

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Final Resort To Curing Acne For Men

If your acne breakouts still continue after you've attempted the options mentioned in How To Get Rid Of Acne In Men's Skin, it may be necessary to consider more serious treatments designed to curing acne breakouts, like Accutane.

Considered the biggest breakthrough in acne drug treatment, Accutane is the only drug that has the potential to get rid of acne breakouts permanently after one course of treatment. It is a powerful oral drug derived from vitamin A and it is powerful drug. It is the only option that can potentially cure acne breakouts. It basically stops the oil production in your sebaceous glands and literally shrinks these glands to the size of a baby's. This prevents sebum from clogging the hair follicle, mixing with dead skin cells, rupturing the follicle wall, and creating pimples or cysts. Normal oil production continues when treatment is completed and the sebaceous glands slowly begin to grow larger again, but seldom as large as they were before treatment.

Accutane has a role as an effective treatment in patients with severe acne breakouts that is recalcitrant to other therapies because of its comparatively quick commencement of action and high effectiveness with reducing more than 90% of the most severe inflammatory lesions. In a large percentage of patients who complete a four- to six-month treatment with Accutane, acne is no longer thought to be clinically important. In other words, their acne is cured! However, you may occasionally get a pimple. That’s hardly any man's definition of acne, especially for some one who, on a regular basis, had numerous breakouts, lots of blackheads, and oily skin.

However, despite painting a colorful picture of Accutane, it does have a dangerous side effect. It can cause severe birth defects in nearly 90% of the babies born to women who were pregnant while taking it. Other side effects, although temporary, include mild nosebleeds, aches and pains, mild to severe headaches, hair loss, itching, rash, dry eyes, skin and lips, peeling palms and hands, fragile skin and increased sensitivity to the sun. More serious, although much less common, side effects include persistent dryness of eyes, severe headaches, nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, decreased night vision, changes in mood, depression, diarrhea, bowel problems, severe stomach pain, calcium deposits in tendons, an increase in cholesterol levels and yellowing of the skin.

Understandably, many people including dermatologists are frightened off by these side effects. That's why dermatologists only recommend Accutane to patients with chronic acne or sometimes to people with less-severe acne that has not responded successfully to other forms of treatment.

Accutane can be considered as the most effective, short-term drug for acne treatment available today. All other acne therapies need ongoing, persistent devotion to the course and they don't offer a cure. The public is largely misinformed about Accutane's potential dangers as well as its potential benefit. However, for men seeking an effective method for treating blemishes, Accutane is prescribed much more frequently to men than to women.

Accutane may be THE CURE FOR ACNE and is the final resort only if the skin care steps for treating and getting rid of your acne breakouts failed.

Next update: Skin Care Routine for Curing Acne Breakouts for men.


Kai said...

While I can testify the effectiveness of Accutane during the course of treatment, I have experienced a relapse a couple of months after completing the full course.

Alan Sim said...

Unfortunately, there's a small group of patients who take Accutane do experience recurrences. For this group, when the breakouts return, typically three to six months after treatment, they are often milder and easier to treat, and can on occasion be cured with a second or third treatment of Accutane. Of course, there is a percentage that receives no benefit from taking Accutane, no matter how many treatments they take.

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