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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Men’s Skin Care – The Origin Of A Pimple

Acne blemishes

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The Cause Of Pimples In Men

It is not very difficult to understand how a pimple is formed. It basically begins when hormones trigger some amount of excess oil production in the pore. Due to some reasons, this oil cannot get out in an even flow, possibly due to a peculiarly shaped pore. This backed up oil, along with a culmination of dead skin cells in the pore lining, form a blockage and eventually, a clogged pore.

A type of bacteria called propionibacterium acnes, existing in the pore, thrives on the oil and dead skin cells, flourishes, and as a result causes the skin to become inflamed. The inflammation and bacteria propagation result in a pimple. There are limited studies indicating the role that diet plays in causing and/or treating acne. For some men, an allergic reaction to certain foods such as nuts, salmon, or dairy products can trigger inflammation in the pore, resulting in blemishes. Research indicates that dietary supplements, such as zinc or vitamin A, are most likely not effective in the treatment of pimples. These supplements may very well be unhealthy if too much is taken. For the best results in curing for acne:

1. Reduce oil to eliminate the environment that acne-causing bacteria thrive in.
2. Exfoliate the skin's surface and within the pore to improve the shape and function of the pore.
3. Disinfect the skin to eliminate acne-causing bacteria.

There are many over-the-counter and prescription options for men when it comes to the curing for acne. It is a complicating war to overcome because there isn't one routine or medication, or combination of therapies that works for every man out there. Finding the combination that works for you is the goal, and that requires experimentation.


Anonymous said...

Salutations. I love reading your blog and I find it very informative. Just want to add on to taking oral supplement to improve the skin condition. I don't recommend taking vitamin A supplements. However I emphasis alot on taking sufficient vitamin A from food. Vitamin A has the role in skin proliferation and healing. Though taking extra supplements won't help in the skin condition, but maintaining a stable reservoir of vitamin A is very important. Having sufficient amount of vitamin A stores in the body is very important, as it is one of the key vitamin that fights oxidation. From Vitamin A, many topical agents have been develop to fight skin blemish, such as accutane. It's actually and Isomer of Vitamin A.

Alan Sim said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thank you very much for your comments. You're right on about having sufficient vitamin A in our body. However, for those people who have vitamin deficiency, oral vitamin A might be the solution. Having a balanced diet is the essential key to our well-being.

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