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Friday, December 15, 2006

Treatment options for Dry Skin

Prevent Dry Skin

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Here are some options for treating dry skin:

Wear sunscreen: The skin is subject to constant sun damage every day of the year whenever there is daylight, and that means it slowly becomes less able to hold moisture or feel smooth. Having diligent daily sun protection is the key to healthy skin.

Use state-of-the-art moisturizers: Moisturizers should be loaded with antioxidants, water-binding agents and anti-inflammatory ingredients. If you constantly have dry or exceptionally dry skin, use moisturizers that have various forms of lipids, like lecithin, cholesterol, glycerol, glycerides and plant oils. Anything less leaves your skin unable of warding off the environmental causes of dry skin. Ensure that the moisturize you use comes in opaque, and not clear or jar, packaging to ensure stability of the light- and air-sensitive ingredients.

Apply moisturizer frequently: You really can't use too much moisturizer even if you have dry skin. Reapply moisturizer whenever your skin starts feeling dry. It is also important to be meticulous about reapplying moisturizer every time you wash your hands. Make sure you have your extra tube of moisturizer handy for those emergency moments.

Use only gentle, nondrying cleansers and NOT soap: Never use a cleanser that leaves your skin or body dry. You can't rub away dryness so never over scrub.

Do not soak in the bath tub, Jacuzzi or taking long showers: Too much water is bad for skin because it breaks down the skin's protective covering (the skin’s intracellular matrix) destroying the substances that keep skin cells intact. If possible, take short showers or baths.

Have a humidifier: Low humidity is the cause of most weather-related dry skin, regardless of winter or a desert environment. Humidifiers are a wonderful addition to combat dry skin.

Do not use bath oils in the bath: Besides wasting money, most of the oil goes down the drain and also they make the bathtub slippery and dangerous. Oil can trap cleansing ingredients on skin, causing irritation and dryness. Oils are best applied when you have finished your shower and gently towel dried.

Exfoliate: Rejuvenate the skin by improving cell turnover or exfoliation in getting rid of dry skin and improving its appearance. Dry skin does not shed as easily as oily skin and those built-up layers of dead skin cells can feel rough and cause skin to look flaky and dull. A well-formulated, pH-correct exfoliant, like AHA or BHA can remove the build-up of old skin cells and replacing them with newer, smoother ones.

Use pure plant oil after your moisturizer over dry areas: At night, after you’ve applied your moisturizer, massage a few drops of plant oil over stubborn dry areas. Pure olive oil is a great option because it is rich in antioxidants.

Don't forget your lips: Lips are the least capable of staying smooth and soft because they lack the lipids and cell structure the rest of the face has. As a result, they are far more vulnerable to the effects of dry air. During the day frequently apply an emollient lip balm that does not contain drying or irritating ingredients, like peppermint and menthol because they can cause irritation and that won't help dry lips. Do the same nightly. An emollient lip balm worn throughout the night can prevent dry lips all year round.

If you find that your skin is still dry after trying out these options, you might like to consider wearing plastic gloves over your hands or feet or wrapping the driest parts of your arms, legs, or feet, but not the face, with plastic wrap after you apply AHA or BHA, moisturizer, and oil. You will be shocked at the difference this can have even if you only do it a couple of times a week.

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